Starting by working at fashion weeks next to designers such as Os Burgueses and Nuno Gama, Sara wanted to create something under her name which would be fully honest and transparent. Sara França starts her brand in 2015 in Lisbon. Currently her studio is based in Sao Miguel Island, Ponta Delgada, the designers homeland. Sara's commitment to designing oversized silhouettes, developing pleated forms, creating patterns and choosing fabrics like velvets silks or waterproof materials makes her designs and her brand very authentic and unique. Inspired by sportswear, her designs are informed by oversized silhouettes with a main focus on woman and unisex pieces. Her work
is recognized internationally and appears in important publications in magazines such as Umbigo Magazine, Cristina, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.
Sara França studio has been open for 5 years and is focused on creating garments at the customer's sight and by measures. The designer has signature pieces made from the beginning of the brand adapting new trends and details every season. The fabric prints and patterns are created by Sara which make the designs exclusive and one of the kind. It brings an eortless approach in styling woman and let them feel powerful and condent. She comunicate that her pieces give style to those who don't have it.
. Patterning created from scratch by the designer,
which helps to have a unique and incomparable pieces.
. Faithful to the vanguard techniques in the
production of the pieces, including manual cutting and sewing processes.
. All pieces are made in the atelier which enables to
have the control of all the ethical parts involved.
In January 2016 opened the atelier and store in
Ponta Delgada, São Miguel island, and at the moment
building a second base in Berlin, Germany.

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